FORTHCOMING: Making a Mess Conference

Very excited to be taking part in the Making a Mess Conference organised by Techné in November!

BLOG: Experimental Textiles 

The blog covers both techniques and material experiments used in my artwork or covered in my workshops. 


I am an artist based in South-East England, specialising in creating mixed media sculptures using textiles.

RECENT ACTIVITIES: States of Existance

Very excited to take part in the States of Existance show at the Well Space, Hackney, in support of Mental Health Day,October 2019. 


Greenbelt Festival

So delighted to have been part of the Greenbelt Festival  with my Feminist Knitting workshop. 


Creature (Dis)comforts

Very excited have taken part of the summer exibition - Creature (Dis)comfort at Leyden Gallery. 


Nocturnal Creatures

Delighted to run an experimental knitting workshop at Leyden Gallery, as part of Whitechapel Gallery's Nocturnal Creatures event. 

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